About Calluna

My name is Marly and Calluna Earth Skills is a company that focuses on re-connecting people with nature again, through earth skills and nature education. Many people have lost this connection in a world where everything goes so fast and so many things are getting rapidly modernised. Our ancestors lived a much different life compared to the life we live now. Simpler, with the knowledge that we are not seperate from nature. By practising crafts and spiritual knowledge our ancestors have left us, I want to connect people with nature again. By connecting with the natural world you will also connect with a better and deeper understanding of yourself, because we are not seperate from nature, we are part of it.

- Marly

About the founder

Marly Loomans is a young woman who grew up in the Southern part of The Netherlands, between the mossy swamp lands and the countless pine trees. From a young age she was obsessed with natures beauty. The flowers keeping her in an everlasting awe and the greatness of the trees challenging her to climb them. There has always been this deep fascination and connection she had with the natural world. The journeys into forests were always clouded with a sense of adventure and a quest for the hidden mysteries beyond the veil. Her studies and hobbies were focused around anything that had to do with being or working with nature. 

During her teenage years she was busy learning about tending plants, caring for animals and how to be creative with flowers of all kinds. At some point the outdoor sports caught her attention, it had it all; adventure and nature. What more did she need? She studied to become an outdoor instructor when she encountered the ‘bushcraft’ world. A world that would later play a huge role in her life. ‘Bushcraft’ did something to her, it touched a deep part of her inner being. The interactions with the natural world became more vivid and mesmerizing when her life started to focus more on ‘bushcraft’. It was then when she encountered Living By Nature. During her years at Living By Nature she has learned much about the different types of ‘bushcraft’ and ‘primitive skills’. Completing multiple successful internships, a year course and the instructors course at Living By Nature. 

Her love for the natural world grows bigger by the day and she hopes to inspire people with this. Thanks to this love and dedication she now has her own company called; Calluna Earth Skills. By focusing on teaching people to work with their hands and natural materials she wishes to rebuild that ancient connection that all of us still have, hidden inside of our souls. Working with bone and plants are her main focus point and specializations. Her workshops and courses most definitely include ancient philosophies and surprising facts, that will spark your curiosity for more.

Additional information

Calluna is located in the Netherlands and will be giving their courses there. Most courses will be taught in Dutch, but there is always a possibility for English-taught courses and workshops as well. These can be arranged for international groups by going to the contact page and sending us your wishes and questions. You can also contact us by using our contact details at the bottom of the page. Collaborations with international companies and events is something we are absolutely open to explore. Don't hesitate to send us a notice.